Business Description

Our developed technology and superior planning power is adapted to
our innovated system equipment.

At one time, the Seto Inland Sea played an important role in maritime transport. Since the olden days of samurai naval battles, this sea has been criss-crossed by thousands of ships. Their daily comings and goings helped to create a new civilization. Uzushio Electric has devoted the past half century to becoming an integrated company that handles everything from the design to the production and engineering of the marine electric panels. Our technology is being adapted in a wide range of applications not only on the sea, but also on land and even in space.

Manufacturing Process

Our flexible approach to customers’ needs from order to after-sales service enables us to create a system that satisties users.

  • 1.Proposal

    Collecting information and analyzing the market repeatedly to provide the most fitted system that meets customer’s needs.

  • 2. Orders

    Providing flexible delivery schedule at a reasonable price to accept and manage orders quickly.

  • 3.Arrangements for specifications

    We have accumulated enough experiences for designing, manufacturing, and after service of the marine and land use equipment. With these experiences combining together with our know-how from the past achievements, a total electric system is constructed.

  • 4.Design

    Basic design, structural design, and the CAD rooms are all on the same floor to provide an efficient environment for designing.

  • 5.Production (Sheet Metal Line)

    A sheet metal processing line is operated by CAD data which flexibly responds for changes in the process.

  • 6.Production (Coating Line)

    We use economical powder painting to provide high-grade coating, and an automatic length measuring for efficient wiring.

  • 7.Inspection

    Each product is carefully inspected and tested for its quality and function.

  • 8.Shipment

    After completing inspection, the product will be shipped or transported to the customer.

  • 9.After-Sales Service

    Promising wide ranged services in Japan and abroad that customers can rely on.