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president : Masato Oda

Here at BEMAC, we are truly grateful for the kind support and patronage of shipowners, shipbuilders and other business partners, as well as local citizens, in Imabari City, one of Japan's foremost centers of maritime industry. This support has continued for more than 78 years since our founding, and we believe that these years of success are due to each and every employee's efforts to maintain the Company's spirit of gratitude toward stakeholders, employee efforts to create new value through electricity, and the understanding and trust we have earned from people everywhere.

In order to achieve further growth, we believe it vital to keep a keen eye on, and formulate bold strategies in response to, the changes brought about by the continued advance of globalization and the accompanying rapid movements of people, goods, funds and information across international borders, which in turn bring with them great potential for increased freedom and prosperity along with the risk of entangling the Company in international conflicts, financial crises and the like. BEMAC continues to evolve with efforts centered on three main pillars: our marine plant business, which makes full use of electronic technologies to realize world-leading business results and marine plant technologies; our industrial plant business, which has garnered steadily increasing trust over the years; and our electric vehicle (EV) business, which entails efforts aimed at solving environmental problems.

We believe that all human beings have an innate desire to produce results through their work and thus contribute to society. BEMAC strives to draw forth what we call the "Working Wild Mind" of each and every employee, then combine individual employee efforts to further empower the organization as a whole, and forge strong alliances between Group companies to realize synergistic effects. In this way, the BEMAC Group always moves powerfully forward—this is what we call the "BEMAC Way," and it is something in which we firmly believe.


Definition of Company Motto

In the spirit of harmony to improve technologies
and carry out our responsibility.

Our company motto is designed to portray the spirit and ideal image of our operations, and to serve as an inspiration to all of our employees. By showing a path that will lead to the accomplishment of our goals, the significance of this motto will become apparent to everyone who forms part of our corporate family. In order to manifest the spirit of our company motto, it is displayed in many places, including the President’s office, general affairs offices, and factories.

Teachings of the company motto

1.The spirit of harmony

With great respect for “harmony” in our organization, we help and encourage each other and share in the joys of working toward the same goals.

2.Improving technologies

“Technology” is the collective techniques we use in our work. We are working to make the greatest use of the techniques that we as a company and as individuals have developed, and are constantly striving to improve them.

3.Carrying out our responsibility

We play many roles and therefore have many responsibilities. By accomplishing the things we have to accomplish, we can contribute both to our company and the local community, and even make ourselves better.

BEMAC Corporate Philosophy

  • Respect the Individual and Fulfill One's Responsibilities

    We value each of our employees and foster work environments, frameworks and so forth as necessary. Persons in managerial positions help those under their charge, fulfilling their responsibilities in full through all possible cooperative and supportive efforts.

  • Provide the Best Service in the Best Way

    We are uncompromising in our pursuit of the leading market position, and to this end we come up with the best possible approaches to problems and customer needs. Moreover, we place high value on customer trust in and valuation of our company, and implement our approach of putting customers first in corporate activities with the aim of providing the best possible service.

  • Maintain Small-company Organization and Frame of Mind

    We share management-related information and policies with each and every employee, and communicate employee complaints and improvement proposals to upper management. It is vital to build a revolutionary in- house communication framework that moves in both the top-down and bottom-up directions.

  • Envision Success, Then Make It Happen

    We remain humble as we continue to educate and re-train ourselves in pursuit of clearly laid-out visions of success, and maintain self-motivating, proactive attitudes as we proceed to carry out all necessary measures toward making those success into realities.

  • Preserve Past Ideals While Having the Courage to Change

    We place great value on our established guiding precepts and management and corporate philosophies, while also having the will and courage to forge ahead with bold—sometimes risky—new policies and actions that fall outside the scope of our traditional approaches.

Operating Concepts

Beam Metrical Industry

As a "Beam Metrical Industry," we foster technologies, products and more that create, control and refine electricity flows,
and through these we are able to contribute to sustainable environmental cycles for society as a whole.

Creating, arranging, and polishing the flow of electricity.
The technology for this is being further revolutionized.

Through comprehensive research efforts in the field of electricity, BEMAC provides a wide range of services in areas such as motive systems and freight-handling management, as well as in LED lighting and other utility-service fields. Every day, we work toward tangible new innovations, with a focus on environmental preservation, through the development of energy storage technologies for electric energy recycling systems and other such technologies.

  • World-class Technologies

    Continuing our quest to create new and better shipboard electrical equipment, we have grown into a general contractor for various electrical and information systems used on marine vessels.

  • Pursuit of True Value and Performance

    BEMAC provides comprehensive engineering services encompassing everything from ship operations to cargo and overall management. Our quest to achieve true value and performance in all areas of electrical systems and equipment has earned us the customer trust we enjoy today.

  • Contributions to Society

    In addition to business activities in marine fields, we are active in onshore efforts as well, providing power distribution systems and other equipment at various plants. These help build the foundations of our society and connect us to people everywhere through the medium of electricity.

Corporate Brand

New mainstream creations in pursuit of Beam Metrics

  • Beam


  • Metrical


  • Alternative


  • Creation


The goals of beam metrics are being conveyed
from Imabari to the world.

BEMAC is an original corporate brand for technologies, products and services of the BEMAC Uzushio Group.
Essential element of electricity as “Light”, perusing its principle, working under the theme of Light’s new functions and its affect as Beams, we are enunciating the corporate concepts of the “Beam Metrical Industry” to the world.